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Gas Bags have historically had reliability issues in both hot and cold climates. The SOLO Blast Bag is different from other gas bags you will find on the market as it utilizes a first in aerosol latching technology. Past problems with bags that fill up too quickly in warm weather and too slowly in cold weather are a thing of the past with the Blast Bag 2-speed push latch where you are able to choose your inflation speed.


As the name suggests SOLO highlights the ability to use the product with one hand, this is particularly advantageous when bottom of hole bagging or top collaring – a huge boost to on-bench productivity.


The high visibility top allows users to easily identify bags located in the collar when plugging for vehicle access – an idea from a blaster for fellow blasting professionals.  Each bag is clearly marked with pertinent safety information as well as its designated hole size.


The SOLO BlastBag range utilizes a completely non flammable CFC-free propellant (R134a) that has insignificant ozone-depleting characteristics. R134a is the propellant of choice for products that must be completely non-flammable.


So the reasons to choose SOLO over a competitor product could not be clearer

Download the MSDS Sheet

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