Remote Firing Devices

The Power Deck Company is a specialist in Remote Firing Devices (RFD). We provide cost effective blasting solutions from the World’s premier manufacturers – Rothenbuhler Engineering. Systems can operate either on the surface or underground and provide superior performance. RFD’s have proven to be a valuable tool for any blasting operation. They are cost effective (often paying for themselves in just a few weeks), user friendly and will improve any blast safety program.

Power Deck provides unparalleled support with our exclusive loaner program guaranteeing product support, training and service of your Rothenbuhler Remote Firing Device for 2 years from purchase date. Ask for details!

The 1674 unit is a new system for smaller operations that can fire 2 shots independently or simultaneously.

The 1670 unit is generally used for larger Blasting operations with the ability to fire up to 8 shots simultaneously or independently.


The NEW 1674 is our simplest, smallest, and least expensive Remote Firing Device. It provides enhanced reliability and degree of safety over our 1664 model, as well as offer the same 3-5 mile two-way communication range (LOS), fast operation and rechargeable batteries, The NEW 1674 introduces features such as a waterproof and submersible case, 16 hr. tun-time on a full charge, the capability of firing up to two remotes and extra bright LEDs for visibility in sunlight.

This unit offers much MORE at a much LOWER PRICE!






  • Timed automatic disarming
  • Option for keyless remotes
  • New low-profile shock tube tips
  • Remote battery monitoring
  • Excellent temperature range

The 1674’s radio system’s signal is digitally encoded (addressed). The latest microprocessor and message encoding/validation technology has been combined to provide a FAST, RELIABLE, and SAFE Remote Firing Device (RFD).

THE 1670 REMOTE FIRING DEVICE (RFD) is an intelligent and discrete 2-way radio controlled remote blast initiation system. The radio system’s signal is digitally encoded (addressed). The latest microprocessor and message encoding/validation technology has been combined to provide a SAFE, RELIABLE and ACCURATE Remote Firing Device. Rothenbuhler Engineering engineered this system using over 15 years of military and commercial RFD experience.

The 1670 RFD has the capability to initiate non-electric shock tube, as well as standard electric blasting caps. The system can be used repeatedly throughout an operation and will give an “answer back” or confirmed status of all or any one of the Remotes. The Remotes can be held in the standby (not armed) mode for 12+ hours and still maintain the energy to initiate the shot. The 1670 RFD includes redundant internal safety circuitry and a timed automatic disarming feature. If the Remotes do not receive a properly addressed firing signal within 2 minutes of being armed, the system will automatically return to the disarmed state.

RUGGED – All system cases are watertight and have a vent for pressure equalization. The electronics have been specially mounted to help prevent damage from shock and vibration from blasting, transportation and mishandling.

SYSTEM VERSATILITY – The 1670 RFD has a versatility and reliability not before seen in initiation systems. The unique design of the Rothenbuhler RFD offers the versatility of commanding 1 to 8 Remotes with a single Controller. The Remotes can be individually selected, armed, fired and interrogated for status via the keypad on the Controller.

NON-ELECTRIC – this Remote offers greater power for better range using shock tube.




  • Low battery & unit status indications
  • EMI shielded, shock mounted, solid state circuitry
  • Watertight cases
  • Long-life rechargeable NiMH batteries –
    4 hr. charge
  • Programmable for leaky feeder & repeaters


  • Controller, 1 to 8 Remotes, Antennas, Battery chargers, Shock Tube tips
  • Electronic Keys


  • Interactive keypad
  • Polls for and displays status of all Remotes
  • Transmit and confirmation indicators
  • Controls up to 8 Remotes


  • Spring loaded terminal posts
  • 0 Voltage on posts until “Fire”
  • Uses replaceable 200 shot spark tip & standard 1/8″ shock tube