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The Power Deck Company provides innovative products and techniques to enhance drill and blast operations while also improving safety conditions: Use the drop down menu above to learn more about our products and services.

The Power Deck Plug is being effectively used all over the world in many different applications including air decking, stem control, pre-splitting, vibration reduction, reduction of sub-drill, drying up wet bore holes, plugging off holes drilled into underground mine works and control shooting. With no auxiliary equipment needed or large capital expense it is easy to see why Power Deck plugs have become the industry standard for cost efficient, productive and safe blasting.

The Power Deck Company is a specialist in Remote Firing Devices(RFD). We provide cost effective blasting solutions fromthe World's premier manufacturers - Rothenbuhler Engineering. Systems can operate either on the surface or underground and provide superior performance. RFD’s have proven to be a valuable tool for any blasting operation. They are cost effective (often paying for themselves in just a few weeks), user friendly and will improve any blast safety program.

Power Decks Blasthole LID is a great tool for blasters wanting to protect the integrity of the hole. It is by far the toughest bore hole sealing device in the world. It can withstand bulk trucks driving over it, while preventing cuttings falling back in the hole, it can be easily retrieved even with hundreds of pounds of dirt on it.




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